March 27, 2009

just one more bead...i promise!

Have you ever sat down to check your email real quick...only to realize 3 hours later that you somehow got sucked into the "www"-vortex? How does that happen?? I swear I really have no interest in Paris Hilton yet, occassionally, I find myself reading the latest scoop on her fabulous fashions, and I have no idea how I got there. I digress. So - I've found that jewelry designing is a bit similar...only, instead of the "www", it's my "studio" that seems to be a vortex. I go in to try out one quick bead combination, and 3 hours later I realize that my children are hungry, the laundry still hasn't been done, and my house is probably a disaster. Speaking of which...I better go make breakfast for the kids...and, throw a load in the washer. Tell me I'm not alone...then I won't feel so guilty.

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