March 29, 2009

Tool Magic - A Lesson In Patience

I received a shipment of beads today -glorious glass, colorful stones, and a few silver ones, too. They're delicious to look at and touch. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head on how to showcase those beads - I really should put my ideas down on paper, before I forget. Alas, something else is prompting me to make this blog entry my priority instead. Let's call it a lesson in patience.

A little background: there's a fabulous thing called "Tool Magic", and if it's not in your jewelry toolbox then it should be. It's the best invention ever (right after Costco's Kirkland Baby Wipes). It's a rubber coating that goes on your tools to help prevent marring your wire work. It's a little expensive, but definitely worth the money! And, it even comes in a variety of cool. The only downside I've found is that it takes a few hours for it to dry before you can use your tools. As Patience is not one of my virtues, I find the dry-time incredibly annoying. Hence, my blog post today.

So - back to my bead shipment. I'm telling you, these beads are just BEGGING to be dressed in silver, accented with other cool beads, and worn on the ears/wrists/neck of some lucky girl. I sat down to work some magic...only to realize that my round nose pliers (and most of my other tools) were desperately in need of a new coating of Tool Magic. Impatient as I am, I figured I could surely get a few good loops and wraps out of them still...and ended up marring some wire. I believe there's an old saying...something about "haste" and "waste". I understand why it's lasted through the ages.

So, as I wait for my tools to dry, I figured I'd get my frustrations down on paper & write my blog entry - two birds, one stone (another great saying). I feel a bit better, but I doubt my new beads would say the same.

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